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Axelent offers a wide range of bike racks; everything from traditional bike racks to more advanced two-story ones. Bike racks are intended for both indoor and outdoor use, adapted for one or more bicycles. The space determines the conditions for the choice of rack. We offer comprehensive solutions with both storage systems and bike racks, which maximize your space. We help you all the way from drawing, planning and assembly!

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Bicycle service stations

In general, cycling is growing enormously around the country and will certainly continue, both from an environmental but also public health perspective. This leads to an increased need for both parking and storage solutions but also public pumps for maintenance.

Our service station is the ultimate accessory for your storage and bike rack. With the flexible construction, you can lift your bike up on the stand and perform easier maintenance with the tools that come with the service station. The service station has a handy pump with several different valve types that can of course be used for more than just bicycles, such as a pram or wheelchair.

  • Adapted for use in public areas
  • Complete solution
  • Simple and flexible
  • Available to everyone
  • Safely
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