Machine guarding

Axelent is a market-leading manufacturer of machine guarding under the X-Guard brand.
X-Guard is a flexible machine guarding system with smart components that always comply with current directives and standards. With X-Guard, the work environment is secured.

High security machine guarding with smart features

X-Guard machine guarding is developed based on three basic criteria: the system should be flexible, easy to install and meet all possible safety requirements and applicable legislation. The result is a very smart system with many advantages that are characteristic of Axelent's machine guarding.

Thanks to the wide range of standard components and smart accessories, X-Guard is guaranteed to meet every conceivable need. Another unique feature of Axelent is that our different systems can be combined. Complete your machine protection with both cable trays and impact protection - all for maximum safety.

    • A flexible machine guarding system
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Always complies with current standards & machinery directives
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Locks and switches

Integrated cable trays

Smart accessories

Impact protection

Modular and rapid installation

Modularity and thoughtful design is what has made X-Guard the best-selling machine guard on the market. Thanks to our click fitting, it's extremely quick and easy to install, dismantle, move or extend Axelent's machine guards as needed.

The click function makes it easy and above all quick to install and no other tools or fasteners are required. Once the panel is in place, it is simply clicked into the post. The quick attachment works equally well whether the panel is made of mesh, sheet metal, plastic or round corners. In other words, you can easily customize your machine guarding to suit your business and needs.



One machine guarding, many advantages

  • User-friendly
    Easy and quick installation with simple installation instructions
  • Unique quick fittings
    Minimized installation time thanks to Axelent's unique quick fittings
  • Minimal maintenance
    X-Guard requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution in the long term
  • Combine with other Axelent solutions
    The machine guards can be integrated with both Axelent impact protection and cable trays
  • Flexible and modular
    Panels and posts available in many widths and heights
  • Modular door solutions
    Door solutions easily integrated into your machine guard with different locks and switches
  • Wide range of accessories
    Combine with flexible locking solutions and switches with different functions and security classifications, or panels with rounded corners
  • High security
    X-Guard helps prevent injuries to workers and minimize the risk of accidents in the workplace


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