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In June 2019, the Axelent Safety Group was reinstated with the aim of strengthening efforts in and raising awareness of machine safety issues at the Axelent Group.

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The Axelent Safety Group is headed by Mikael Ström and its members are Sven Toftgård, Axelent AB, Marc Van den Ende, Axelent Benelux, Eric Plana, Axelent Spain, and the external machine safety guru Matthias Schulz.

Why was the Axelent Safety Group founded?

Ever since its humble beginnings almost thirty years ago, Axelent has remained to the fore in safety issues. Axelent’s entire business concept is based on protecting people in industrial environments and Axelent is, for instance, a member of the Committee on Machine Safety (SiS). SiS pursues Sweden’s standardisation efforts on behalf of the Swedish government. These standardisations are most often international and in compliance with the Vienna Agreement*.

The reinstatement of the Axelent Safety Group was a natural step for us to take,” says Mikael Ström, the group’s founder and Product Manager at Axelent AB’s head office.

What exactly is the group tasked with?

The group’s primary role is to ensure that Axelent has a high level of expertise in machine safety issues. Such knowledge benefits our group and is shared through information and training initiatives. Our assignments vary in scope. They can entail, for example, updating Axelent’s unique Safety Book, responsibility for machine safety texts on our websites or ensuring a general consensus within the group regarding machine safety issues. We also work actively with machine safety training.

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We subscribe to standards, and in order to interpret these usually very complex texts, we enlist the help of Matthias Schulz. He’s extremely gifted at simplifying matters and providing documents that ‘normal’ people can understand. Our Safety Book is a shining example of this.

Another ongoing task for the Safety Group is to simplify the information about our products. One example of this is the ‘Switch Selection Guide’ that Marc Van den Ende has put together. This is a guide that explains and clarifies which locks and switches can be combined when different safety levels need to be in place.

Naturally, the group’s work is also especially important when it comes to Axelent’s product range. We always keep the end user of our products in focus, and we continually strive to ensure that our product offering is always relevant and compliant with the established requirements.


Do you have any questions about the Axelent Safety Group?

If so, contact Mikael Ström at: or +46 370 37 34 77



The group’s

primary role is to ensure

that Axelent has a high

level of expertise in

machine safety issues.

Mikael Ström, Axelent AB

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