Get to know Håkan Lindell – Our new CIO

In August, Håkan Lindell started his new role as CIO at Axelent. Get to know him a little better in our interview. We welcome Håkan to Team Axelent!

Tell us about yourself and your background.

I have a background as both HR and IT manager. Most recently, I came from a role at a global gaming platform company, Bally's, with a Swedish office in Skövde. Outside of work, I live with my partner Eva and our labradoodle, Maja. I like to spend my free time on the golf course, in the swimming pool or in the "speaker's booth" when Hallby plays in the handball league.


What was your first impression of Axelent as a company and what made you apply to us?

A forward-looking company with interesting products and a management team that clearly shows that Axelent is moving forward. To have the opportunity to be involved and both contribute and influence, it felt like an opportunity I wanted to take when I was asked.


What are you most looking forward to in this role and what will be your main focus at the moment?

My priority is to continue, together with the wonderful IT team - to develop both the department and what we contribute to the business. In addition, the company has had a rapid development and the dependence on IT is huge. Which means that we need to work with structures, processes, and policies.


Security is our core business, what do you think of when the word security is mentioned?

First and foremost, security for our employees. Everyone should feel safe in the workplace, both physically and mentally. Then, as CIO I naturally also think of the importance of secure IT systems, both in terms of reliable operation and protection against external influences.

Håkan Lindell CIO

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