X-Tray cable trays cover all needs

X-Tray cable trays have the task of keeping your cables organised and tidy. To succeed with this in all industries and in compliance with all requirements, you need a wide range that is perfectly designed down to the finest detail. X-Tray cable trays are also easy to install and adapt, as well as being cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing on the eye. All-in-one, tailored to your needs!

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At first glance, it would be easy to mistake X-Tray for just another accessory to our bestselling machine guard, X-Guard. Something for safer, better organised and smarter cable management. But X-Tray is much more than that. X-Tray stands firm as one of the most durable and widest ranges of cable trays on the market for all industries and in a selection of finishes. For safer, better organised and smarter cable management you need look no further than X-Tray.

X-Tray comes in a range of sizes, designs and finishes:

  • Electrogalvanized for facilities with no anti-corrosion demands
  • Hot dip galvanized
  • Stainless 304, with no after treatment
  • Acid-resistant 316
  • Black zinc to match a black machine guard or other fittings (a wide range of powder coating colours to choose from)
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The first things you should consider as a customer are: durability, adaptability and cost.

– Durability: joints are usually the weakest link in a cable tray. Axelent’s cable trays have the strongest joints on the market and therewith the longest bracket distance as well. This means fewer fixings to buy and install. Future needs must also be weighed in when considering durability.

– Adaptability. the saying it’s all in the details certainly rings true when it comes to our cable trays. Axelent's fittings and accessories have a finesse that clearly exposes the difference between a quality and a standard product.

Axelent will also offer you tailored solutions, not only shelf products like other companies.

Adaptability is also about aesthetics. A cheap looking tray in front of your state-of-the-art machine is hardly optimal. Quality and style go hand in hand!

– Cost: look to the total cost of the entire project. Do not be blinded by the price per tray or metre. X-Tray cable trays and brackets are durable and therewith need fewer fixings. This makes your project more cost-effective, not only in purchasing but also in the quicker installation. And, of course, quality products last longer and are easier to keep clean.

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